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As part of the development of the new website we have integrated an Event Management plug in. This allows us to create an on-line diary of events which we can present flexibly in different places on the website. (e.g. just racing events in the racing section, and highlighted events in the left side bar).

In this post I want to explain a couple of nifty features.

Firstly you can view the entire Calendar at

The default view is like the old Google calendar and will show all event categories like this

If you want to view only a specific category you can apply a filter by clicking on the word “Categories” at the top left.

This will result in the calendar only displaying the selected  category (or categories, you can select more than one).

If you prefer to see the events in a different format you can do that by clicking on the button which says month at the top right hand side.

This will then display a choice of views

The “day” and “week” options are hopefully self-explanatory, but if you select “Agenda” from the list you get to see the calendar data presented in a different way like this

This can be particularly useful if you are looking at events which may span several months.

Finally, one of the most useful tricks allowed by the new calendar is the “subscribe” option which lets you link your own calendar software on your computer or phone with the site calendar. If you click on the subscribe button at the bottom right you get a choice like this


I have added it to my apple Calendar by clicking on the Apple Calendar option which brings up a screen like this:

I clicked subscribe again and made my choices in the next screen


You can set the Auto-Refresh to shorter intervals if you wish but I thought daily was about right to keep up to date.

So I now have a new calendar category on  the Apple Calendar on my laptop, my Iphone and my Ipad, all of which synchronise automatically with whatever is on the calendar on the website.

I imagine the procedure is very similar for the other calendar applications like Outlook.

I hope this helps you get more value out of the new website!


3 Responses

  1. Maria Swyer says:

    Brilliant! really useful, thx

  2. Rob Ritchie says:

    Is there any dinghy racing on Sundays in June July and August?

    • John Hobson says:

      Yes – there was bit of teething trouble with the calendar. All good now – see Summer Series info in the calendar 😉

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